Friday, May 7, 2010

Roatan Honduras - a divers paradise!

Oh Roatan!  I set foot in Roatan in the year 2000 on a quick cruise stop and ever since that date, I've always been fond of the island.  Roatan is a 37 mile long, 5 mile wide island that's about 30 miles off the north coast of Honduras.  Google Map of the Island.  The island has about 30,000 Hondurans that mostly work at the resorts and the tourism industry.

(Dive the wreck Prince Albert, sunk in 1985)

Roatan is located near the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, which is the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea!  In fact it's second largest in the world to Australian's Great Barrier Reef.  Many of these reefs are "beach dive-able" or you can hop on any one of 100's of commercial dive boats and go out further.   With over 250,000 visitors to the island each year the locals depend on the foreign dollars that pour in.  

For a list of great dive spots click here:  Roatan Dive Spots.

If getting naked is on your must-do list, no worries.  You can visit Paya Bay Resort in Roatan that caters to nudist that also happen to enjoy diving.  The resort itself is not 100% nude 100% of the time.  They have certain weeks where the resort does transform into a nudist colony!   For a list, check here:  Paya Bay Resort Nude Weeks.  Paya Bay Resort has their resort divided into 3 zones:  1.  Nude  2.  Topless  3.  Clothed.

So if you want to visit an island that's got tons of diving, this is your place.  And as a side note, I should become a dual citizen of Honduras later this year.  I married a beautiful Honduran woman this year who's now a citizen of the USA so that entitles me to dual citizenship.   Perhaps you'll find us diving Roatan before you know it!


  1. This place looks amazing! I would love to check it out... Please help me become the next Paradise Hunter and vote for Paulina Miel as your host of the TV Show!


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