Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sheraton Hotel develops new spa brand - "Shine"

File this story under, "Big Deal".  So Sheraton Hotels has been giving it's guests toiletries for years under the name "Bliss" but has recently been changing all it's products to it's own line.  The brand Chief of Sheraton, Hoyt Harper II, claims it's a move not to save money, but comes as the chain sold it's Bliss line to Steiner Leisure Limited for $100,000,000.

I'm sure this post is non-applicable to 90% of my readers but if you are in that 10% that do care and enjoyed Sheraton's old line of product don't fret, this new Shine line is pretty much the same product according to Harper, same manufacture, different packaging.

Read all about this super exciting news story with Sheraton's official press release:  Sheraton Press Release.  Also, congrats to Sheraton for rolling out it's 1,000th hotel in China, the Sheraton Qiandao Lake Resort.

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