Saturday, April 10, 2010

Motel 6 is getting sexier!

I'll admit it, when I think of Motel 6 I think of funny commercials, cheap rooms and lower quality rooms.  Not saying they're bad, they're just more of a place to crash your head after a long day on the road.  HOLD UP, everything seems to changing!  Motel 6 is a company that was started up by two dudes in California in 1960 that named the company Motel 6 because they used to charge just $6 bucks a night for a room!

In 1988 the hotel chain was purchased by another guy who started their well known phrase, "We'll leave the light on for you".  In 1990 the chain was once again sold to a French group called Accor.  Is this the reason the hotel chain has gone from a bare bones chain that used to allow pets at all of their hotels to a now changing more "upscale" chain?

(a sample new room)

Motel 6 has plans for 32 inch flat screen TV's (they used to have coin operated black and white TV's in their early days), granite counter tops and those big beautiful bathroom sinks that sit above the counter space.  Despite these changes Motel 6 has the idea to keep prices lower than most other chains.   Last years US average rate was around $46 per night.  

(a sample new bathroom)

Motel 6 has decided to go with a more "earthy" color tone in the rooms using browns, olive, cinnamon, orange and yellow color themes.   You want WiFi?  It's coming people!   You can soon also plug in your laptops, netbooks, MP3 players, I-pads, I-pods, I-phones and DVD players.  Motel 6 is going techo!
Motel 6 also hopes to build about 240 additional Motel 6s by 2010 with the first in the Dallas-Fort Worth area next year.  Existing motels will start refurbishing as soon as this summer, they say.

(a sample computer area in the rooms)

The biggest transformation might be in the bathroom.  There's still a shower instead of a tub, but the enclosure is larger, with a seat that's handy for leg-shaving.  The vanity has a black granite countertop.  Towels, stored in round cubbies, are rolled into the shape of 6's — very cute.   Even sweeter: In a nod to Motel 6 tradition and the continuing needs of Motel 6 clients, there's still a bottle opener affixed to the granite vanity. 

So next time you're out and about check out the new Motel 6 and report back here with your thoughts on the new chain!
Link to Motel 6:  Motel 6

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  1. It's nice to have Motel 6 getting nicer yet staying affordable in price.


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