Sunday, April 11, 2010

Facts about Jamaica!

Jamaica's been an island I've always been drawn to starting from back in High School when I first got my hands on the Bob Marley "Legends" CD.  The island just seemed like such a cool place with a very interesting culture.  After visiting the island starting in 2000 I quickly realized my initial thoughts were dead on, Jamaica rocks!

(Jamaica as seen from space)

A list of Jamaican Facts!
  • Apart from the United States, Jamaica has won the most world and Olympic medals.
  • Jamaica was the first country in the Western world to construct a railway- even before the US!
  • Population of the island? Around 2.65 million. (about the same as Utah) 
  • Size of the island? 4,411 sq. miles. (about the size of Connecticut)  
  • The largest Jamaican note is a $5,000 bill. (around $60 bucks now) 
  • Children have public prayer in school. (Christian)  

    • The Gleaner newspaper is the Islands oldest. (started in 1834) 
    • The highest point in Jamaica is Blue Mountain Peak (standing 7,402 feet)  
    • Oldest school? Wolmer's School in Kingston. (Founded in 1729) 
    • There is still unexplored land in Jamaica. (Cockpit Country)  
    • There are 120 rivers in Jamaica one of which runs 56 miles. (Rio Minho) 
    • There are over 1000 cave systems in JA.
    • Smokey Hole Cave is 640 feet deep. (Statue of Liberty is 305 feet)  

      • Jamaica became the second Caribbean country to elect a female prime minister.
      • Jamaica has over 1,400,000 cell phones now in use!  (Digicel anyone?)
      • Snakes are extremely rare. They were killed off by the mongoose, imported to exterminate rats.
      • The Spanish began to settle in Montego Bay after 1510.
      • Principal Jamaican exports:  Alumina, Sugar, Bauxite, Rum, Coffee.
      • The island has no zip codes.  Instead all mail includes "Jamaica, W.I.".

        I love Jamaica!


        1. One Jamaica fact is not strictly true
          Jamaica did not elect a female Prime Minister.
          Portia Simpson was the deputy PM. When the PM resigned, Portia automatically became PM without an election. At the first election while she was PM, Portia's party lost.

        2. The island has no zip codes - not strictly true. The codes exist, based on the first and letters of the parish followed by a number, calculated from the position of the post office (or postal agency) on an alphabetical list for the parish.
          Nobody ever uses the codes!


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