Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Have "hotel sex" at home!

For years and years experts have been telling us that some of the best sex a couple can have is away from home.  Away from bills, kids and other distractions that real life can nails us with.   With our current economy it might be hard for you to book a hotel once a month and/or pay for a babysitter.   What to do?   Turn your home into a mini hotel!

Here are some tips on how to have hotel sex under your own roof, courtesy of Georgia Payne, co-author of How to Be a Dominant Diva.

1. Install two hooks on the back of your bedroom door and hang fluffy white robes.

2. Clear the clutter and toys from your room.  This will help turn your bedroom into a boudoir ... and feel more like a sweet suite.

3.  Invest in the highest thread-count sheets you can afford. At least 300 is recommended. (They often have the at discount prices at stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls.)

4.  This is a bit decadent ... but a mini-fridge stocked with fresh strawberries, water, champagne, and even treats like hotel-favorite Toberlones can make a post-romp sex super convenient.

5.  Make sure you have some soothing music on hand, like the W Hotels Warmth of Cool Interlude CD.

6.  A bedroom door lock is key ... and a "Do Not Disturb" sign can be campy and fun.

Before you know it, your room will feel like your very own love nest, says Payne ... and five-star sex is sure to follow!

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