Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Florida's most romantic hotel?

Imagine you could rent your own island...well, YOU CAN. 

In The Florida Keys lies Little Palm Island Resort & Spa.  It's it's own 6 acre island off the coast of Little Coast Key.  Map of Hotel.  This super private boutique hotel has 30 rooms, 1 restaurant and 1 bar.  It's billed as Florida's more romantic and private couples get-a-way.

This island is only accessible by boat or seaplane, how cool is that?  Private thatched-roof bungalows await your arrival to the island but make sure you bring your SPF and check book, this place isn't cheap.  Rooms start around $700 a night but for that you get your meals at least.  

Now if you need a place to party it up and go nuts, this is NOT your hotel.  This place is all about doing nothing and being well taken care of.   The hotel staff is reportedly incredibly attentive, the food is amazing and you're on a private island - just the thought of it is awesome.  Guests need to be 16 plus so you won't be bothered by a bunch of little kids - bonus!

Now if you don't want to sit around all day the island does offer things to do!  You can take a sunset cruise, snorkel and/or dive the Florida reefs, book a massage for two in the spa and if you're feeling really bored you can hit the gym and sling around some weights.   Personally with the photo below I'd kick back all day on the beach with an I-Pad and just chill out!

So if you have the extra cash and want to spend a week on your own little island, I'd suggest you stroll over to their website and check them out a little bit more:  Little Palm Island.


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