Monday, April 12, 2010

Virgin American Airlines might just be my new fav!

So the wifey and I are thinking of taking a weekend jog somewhere.  I started checking rates, exploring the airlines when I pop'ed onto Virgin's website.  They had a $49 dollar deal to San Fran and back, at those rates how can you lose?  For a round trip to San Francisco it's only $500 and their first class is killer!

Why am I excited about an Airline?  Well, being borderline ADHD I need my entertainment, and Virgin delivers.   All of their planes have WiFi, use it on your laptop or smartphone from $5.95 to $12.95 depending on what data sucker you're using and how long the flight is.  How do they get WiFi up in the sky?  Barefoot Blog review of WiFi.   And don't worry about running out of power, EVERY seat on Virgin has power outlets, WAY COOL!

Every seat on Virgin has a TV on the back of the chair in front of you providing you with TV options, movies, games, chat, radio and music videos.  They even have a feature where you can chat with other passengers oboard on screen, kinda strange!  

They also feed you on every flight.  On flights under 2 hours you get a "GRAB AND GO FOOD CUBE" or a "GALAXYMUNCH"each one containing decent (and healthy) snack foods.  On the big flights you get feed a nice selection of sandwiches and lunch platters.  See more here, Virgin Menu.

Now all of this is for your ordinary traveler, the cheap tickets!   If you bump yourself up to first class, watch out, you're in for some extra cool stuff and not THAT much more.  First class has custom massaging leather seats with a reclining 55-inch seat pitch.   Billed as "the coolest living room in the sky" these chairs are also 28 inches wide so even Kevin Smith won't get kicked off, or would he?   You get free on demand movies, all the booze you can handle and you get red carpet treatment from your moment of arrival at the airport.

For a cool video of their services, click here:  Cool Virgin Website

(thank you Richard Branson, Virgin CEO)

So where will the Mrs and I end up?   I'll blog about our adventures as soon as they happen.  I'm thinking either that San Fransisco trip or Yosemite, either way, Virgin will get us there in style!

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  1. Wow this is the real first class, cute air hostess, internet conection, good food has I can see, that's just great.


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