Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Three cool travel products!

Travel your next worldly voyage in splashy style with this colorful personalized passport cover.  The genuine goatskin exterior protects your passport—and the stories it tells.  Slip the slim pouch into your carry-on or jacket pocket for safekeeping and whip it out with flamboyant pride.

Cost around $68 bucks and takes 2-3 weeks, so order as you book that next big trip!   Stamp you initials on it too!

Order here, Passport Cover


Hate having winkled clothes on the road?  No more with this handy travel steamer!  It's a dual voltage gizmo that will remove wrinkles from all fabric including silk!   It weights less than one pound and uses regular tap water.   At $24.85 I might just get one for the house, gotta look good at the office!

Order here, Travel Steamer


Got an extra $312 laying around?  Perhaps your tax refund?  Well, you're in luck because here's a WAY cool bag that will make you feel like a traveler of the highest standards.  It's a bag that normally costs around $500 but I found it here for the much lower price.  Ever hear of "Luxurious Italian Oil Pull-Up Leather"?  Me either, but it sounds nice and that's what it's made from!

Order here, Leather roll bag

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