Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4 nights at Atlantis in the Bahamas - hot deal!

Ahhhh, The Bahamas!  These islands that make up the Bahamas consist of 309,000 plus residents that a blessed to live in this little slice of paradise.   It's a fair weather island with English speaking people ready to welcome you.   It's located east of South Florida and north of Cuba. 

I found a sweeeet deal that will put you in the Bahama's most famous hotel, Hotel Atlantis.  The special books you a room at the Atlantis Beach Tower which is the resorts more economic friendly accommodations.  But fear not, the resort itself is nothing short of amazing.   For $559 per person you get 4 nights PLUS this includes air!!!   

(Atlantis Beach Tower)

Unlike most places I speak about this place is very family friendly.  So forget about your hedonistic ways for once and go spend some time with the kiddies on the beach.  OR just go as a couple and enjoy this amazing country.  

BONUS FACT:   The resort houses the "Bridge Suite," which is the most expensive room at the Atlantis Hotel Resort at $25,000 per night.

(aerial of the resort grounds)

To check out this deal go here, Atlantis Special, but do it soon, the good rates jump if you don't travel by late May, 2010.  Even then they still have deals.

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  1. This is really cheap!!! I hope they can give those rates again next year!


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