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Hangin' Loose in Hawaii - a resort review...

Hangin' Loose - A clothing optional vacation retreat in Hawaii

The big islands of Hawaii are truly an American tropical paradise.  Sure we have Florida, California and even the Gulf Coast but really...can you compete with Hawaii?   So why don't more people go?  Too far?  Too much?  Afraid of that big flight over the ocean?  (most are minimum 5 hours from the states)

(Hawaii's famous black sand beaches)

Well I'm not here to figure all of that out!  

I'm going to give you a review of a small vacation retreat in Hawaii called "Hanging' Loose".  Hanging' Loose is on the "Big Island" of Hawaii located on the far western tip about 5 miles inland from the beaches.   You fly into Hilo which is the closest airport and from there you have about a 30 min trip to this rural resort.

(located near the red dot)

 Now Hanging' Loose is not some HUGE resort with a ton of amenities and things to do.  It's an intimate nude bed and breakfast with local ownership that pay attention to your level of satisfaction.  Their resort lands have 3 separately built bungalows including a honeymoon hale, a eucalyptus yurt and a conventional cottage.  

The honeymoon hale (hale is Hawaiian for "home")  features a private hot tub, king size bed, satellite TV, DVD, full sized kitchen, open air shower and a private bathroom.  Just outside the doors you get a outside dining area with your own grill!   Cool!  It's plenty private sitting on it's own lot (a hill) and you're sounded by lush tropical trees.

 The eucalyptus yurt logging sits behind a 100 foot tall eucalyptus trees and is surrounded by more lush tropical plants and foliage.  Book this cool hut and get a full sized kitchen, free WiFi (like you need that in paradise), a private hot tub, satellite TV, and a big king size romantic bed.

The cottage is no slum either.  If you enjoy a full size kitchen, open air shower, satellite TV, WiFi and your own outside dining area with a private grill you'll be very happy indeed.

That's all well and good but what about the pool and hot tub?  They got it.  Meet new friends at the grounds pool and hot tub and get some of that Hawaiian sunshine on your buns.  If you want to take the party back to your place, fine, remember the Hale and Yurt each have their own private hot tubs.

There is plenty to do around the area for nudist and clothes loving people alike.  Not far from Hanging' Loose there are nude beaches and hiking trails. (ask where they are from ownership)  Also some of the best surf spots in the nation are not too far away.  Check out this link activities for a complete list of fun things to do.
  • Close to Hawaii Volcano Park, NOT TO BE MISSED
  • Close to the famous black sand beaches which some are nude friendly
  • Star-gaze atop Mauna Kea (a inactive volcano with a 13,000 peak)
  • Hike through a volcano or along a pristine shoreline
  • Visit historic Hilo Hawaii, it's an amazing town with many things to do 
 (Hilo, Hawaii)

 Rates are Hanging' Loose are very reasonable ranging anywhere from $100 per night (for two) to $120 per night (for two).   Airfare from the states can be wildly erratic depending on when you fly and from what city.  I've seen prices from $300 (per person) from withing in the US so if you shop around, you might pick up a deal.  Check out times at Hanging' Loose are at noon so enjoy one last lazy breakfast in Paradise before heading back to "the real world".

*GOOD DEAL ALERT* - The caring owners of Hangin' Loose contacted me about a special they offer.  Book 6 nights and the 7th night is on them!   Get on it.

Visit Hanging' Loose at Hangin Loose.


  1. Trully, Hawaii is really a beautiful place that everyone would love to visit. I hope to visit it one day when I'll have the chance too. It would probably be a memorable one.

    Great post! Thanks.

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  2. I agree with the the author of this article that Hawii is the best place to visit, but at the same time we also need a health budget to visit there. However it is really nice post having nice information

  3. Just returned from Hangin' Loose. A wonderful little 'resort' consisting of 3 separate units. Nudity is on the property only, but the grounds are beautiful. Their webpage very accurately described what to expect.

    My only caution would be that the roads in the Orchidland District are quite primitive, to say the least: dirt roads (not gravel), largely washed out by incessant rain (this is, after all a rainforest) with enormous potholes filled with water. The ground was pretty hard, so 4-wheel drive is probably not necessary, but a vehicle with a high wheel base (like a Jeep or SUV) would come in very handy.

    Highly recommended.


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