Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3 Weird hotels around the globe!

I'm going to take you for a tour of some weird places you can book right now, if you dare!

1.  Das Park Hotel - Ottensheim, Austria
 What do you get here?  A bed in a round 10 ton concrete tube with a locking door!   Each room is 6.5 feet in diamiter and come with a bed, lamp, locking door and sleeping bag.  These tubes are in a park and are a part of the Das Park Hotel, experimental hotel in Austria.  Enjoy this experience for the low low price of around $100 a night.  Where do you shower and use a restroom?  The main hotel a few steps away.

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2.   Harbour Crane Hotel - Harlingen, Netherlands (1 hour from Amsterdam)
So this is a room you book that's actually a crane!   Go ahead and grab the controls and spin this 143,000-pound crane 360 degrees while trying to keep down your seafood dinner.  This crazy hotel has been pleasing guests since 2003.  In the suite two people can find romance 55 feet above the harbor.   Costs will be around 319 Euro, $421 American.

(dining with a view)

(your sweet suite)

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3.  Liberty Hotel - Boston, Massachusetts
 What's up with this place?  It's a former prison converted into a hotel!  Apparently, not the only hotel like this but what makes Liberty special is the fact that how it seamlessly incorporates existing jailhouse structures like iron bars and gates into its public spaces such as its CLINK restaurant and the "vestiges of jail cells" that exist within the lobby bar.  Rooms start from $250 but at least that's cheaper than bail!
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(BTW, their web site ROCKS)

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