Monday, March 8, 2010

Cruise the Caribbean for $399 a person! Jeepers!

Let me do some math.   Calculate your mortgage, grocery bill, utilities, trash bill and even your monthly entertainment allowance.   Then divide all this by 4.  I bet that number is larger than $399 per person!

(The big Caribbean Princess)

My point?  MOVE ON A CRUISE SHIP!   At least for a week.  :-D

Book now for a 7 night cruise aboard The Caribbean Princess from $399 a person.  That buys you an inside cabin, all meals, all non-alcoholic drinks and nightly entertainment.  

(The sundeck aboard the ship)
The fine print:  Expect around $38 per person extra for taxes.

When must you travel:  April 11th or April 25th.

Book by:  No set date, based on availability.

Where:  It travels out of San Juan, Purto Rico.  Stops in Aruba, Bonaire and Dominica.

Who has this deal:  Cruises for Less, 800.780.9002 or at

 Bonus Upgrade to an ocean-view cabin for $30 per person!

(inside the ship)
This wonderful ship also has an adults only sundeck named "The Sanctuary" for those times you don't want 200 kids running around splashing you.  It's located uppermost forward deck of the ship, but don't expect to see topless sunbathing, it's not allowed here. To learn more about the ship from the official web site page at, Princess.

(sample room view)



  1. I love cruises, and I love living at a port of call. Although it greatly limits my cruise options, it's nice to know that I can drive 15 minutes, hop on a cruise, and forget about life for a week.

  2. Yes, you're very lucky Yvette! We took a cruise out of the port of Tampa years back. Thanks for your comments!

  3. Amazing photos. Now I have a new dream - going on cruise to Caribbean. Staying in Puerto Rico Hilton after that would be nice too. mmm :)


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