Sunday, February 21, 2010

You don't have to be retired to enjoy this cool RV!

On the road agaiiiinnnn...


Got an extra 50k laying around?  This way cool RV from Airstream is a rolling work of art that's NOT your Grandfather's RV.  This little honey might cost you but consider it a rolling apartment if you can't make rent.  It's exterior is made from polished metal.

  • Length:  16 feet
  • Air conditioning:  1 11,00 BTU unit  (This will keep you cold in Arizona)
  • Heating system:  12,000 BTU furnace  (This will keep you warm in Minnesota)
  • Weight:  4,300 pounds (slightly more than most cars)
  • Sleeps:  4 adults
  • Water capacity:  23 gallons
  • Kitchen:  2 burner cook top, oven with range hood (with vent and lights), water heater, refrigerator.
  • Complete entertainment system including speakers, hook ups, CD, cable TV and phone lines.

I think the Airstream is an amazing concept and saw this DWR (Design Within Reach) version that was custom designed with a Modern Kitchen, Italian countertops, hip layout and really cool. This would be one cool mobile pad, mobile office or just a neat place to hang out in.

Now, where are you going to go with this hip bad boy?   Here's an amazing list, RV List of some REALLY cool places to visit.  Life would be sweet in your cute little home on wheels beachside in the Florida Keys or in one of our amazing national parks.

Need to be naked at a RV park?  Fine, go here, Nude RV Park, Glen Eden in sunny Southern California.  Living here in Los Angeles I'll admit I've never been there, but should I find a DRW RV behind my ride I might just have to check it out!  They have a pool, clubhouse, activities and first timers get in free!  Otherwise it's around $20 for a day or $125 for a week to hook up and stay.

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