Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here's a way cool product - Eye-Fi!

Now this is a product that's just plain smart.  You know how you have a SD card in your digital camera?  Then you have to take that card to a computer, transfer the pics and only then can you work on them?   What if you don't have a card reader?  What if you lost the cable that came with your digital camera?


See that little yellow "SD" card?  Sure, it's a 2 gig chip but it's also a mini wireless chip!  You put this bad boy in your camera, snap some shots of a sunset and WHAM, the Eye-Fi card not only stores your pic like a regular SD card but it will upload it to the internet and/or your computer!  Neat-o!!!

Above is the Eye-Fi taken apart so YOU can appreciate it's wizardry.  This card works on any camera that you use a SD card in now anyway, so there's nothing new to add or do.  However, you can check to see if your camera is compatible here:  Eye-Fi test   

Just think of the possibilities. Travelers can easily upload and share pictures from the road.  Or, just walk around the house taking photos while they transfer to the computer automatically.   Or you can upload them at a Starbucks, friends house or at the office.  Just find WiFi and you're in.
  •  Large pictures take about 10-15 seconds each to transfer
  •  Quick 10 minute setup on your computer
  •  Is powered from the camera you're using, no power cable.
  •  With the card below you get a 2 gig for $40 - holds 1,000 pics!
  •  No cables. No hassles. No kidding.
 Eye-Fi Connect X2 4 GB Class 6 SDHC Wireless Flash Memory Card EYE-FI-4CN 

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