Monday, February 22, 2010

Jamaican Hotels - Visit paradise on the cheap!

Today I'd like to point out 3 pretty cool places you can travel to in Negril, Jamaica on the super cheap.  One in particular just blows my mind.  Why spend all that hard money in this ressission?  Instead take some of that saved money and bring down some shoes for the school kids.

Moving on...

1.  Xtabi Resort - Negril, Jamaica

This gem is more of a hotel than a hostel, but cheap none-the-less.  It  has no highrise buildings, nothing taller than a palm tree. Swim in a tropical lagoon where swinsuits are optional or sip a cool island drink while you watch a Negril sunset.   Prices start from $533 for 7 nights INCLUDING breakfast for 2 each morning.  

Check them out at: Xtabi Negril

2.  The Caribbean Sunset Resort - Negril, Jamaica

The Caribbean Sunset Resort, a leading resort in Negril, adjacent to Negril Square and situated just a few minutes walk from the beautiful Seven Miles Beach, one of the famous beaches in Negril.  The resort has 75 rooms and Villas, designed to meet individual needs with comfort and style.  The guest rooms are very spacious and comfortable with vaulted ceilings, tiled floors, balconies or patios with amazing Ocean views or the Gardens.  Room amenities include WI FI internet access, ceiling fans, air-conditioning, satellite televisions and in-room safes.   Prices start from $12 per per/per night but you need to book for 3 nights minimum. 

Yes that's right, I said $12 BUCKS A NIGHT. 

Check them out at:  Caribbean Sunset

3.  Negril Yoga Centere - Negril, Jamaica

The Negril Yoga Centre was established in 1981. It is also known as The Little Oasis!   Relax in the large lush gardens, filled with fruit trees.  They are just steps away from the sea, and walking distance to restaurants, entertainment and shopping.  Come and share "The Little Oasis" experience. The Negril yoga Centre, offers a safe haven, pampering you Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul. We offer daily Yoga Classes, Spa Services, and our kitchen provides an all natural cuisine with Foods and fresh juices created special for you and your dietary needs.   Web access is in the lobby.   Prices start from $40 per night FOR TWO.  Yoga classes are $10 bucks.

Check them out at: Negril Yoga Centere



  1. Some of the rooms at the Xtabi are around $50-$60 a night if you don't want the breakfast part included in the package. They also offer a cash discount if you save them credit card processing fees.

  2. Thank you for your inside info, post comments anytime Eco/Charles!

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  4. When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money"


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