Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Romantic Travel help for the fellows...

Guys, guys, guys...sometimes we just need a little insight into the world of romance.  (And I'm NO exception)   With 2.14.10 looming on the horizon I thought I'd do my part and try to come up with a few places that you could surprise the love-of-your life with should you be so lucky to be able to do it.

1.  For my East coast brothers:   Naples, Florida
With secluded beaches, exclusive hotels and gourmet restaurants, the Paradise Coast is a natural choice for a couples retreat.  The beaches along the Paradise Coast unfurl like white ribbons against water that's often a deep shade of turquoise.  There's always space to spread out and feel secluded – just you, your sweetheart, the Gulf of Mexico and the horizon.
Where to stay:
Naples Grande Beach Resort

2.  For my West coast brothers:   La Jolla, California
Romantic La Jolla has the charm of a quiet Mediterranean isle, and everyone falls in love with it at first sight. There are breathtaking ocean views, great restaurants and magnificent homes overlooking the ocean. It's a perfect place for sunbathing, surfing, tennis, golf, snorkeling and loafing at its best. Ideal for talking a walk through the Village of La Jolla, flourishing with boutique shops, great restaurant selections which are complimented by an ocean view and breeze.
Where to stay:
Paradise Point Hotel

3.  For my brothers in between:  Pagosa Springs, CO
Pagosa Springs is in Southern Colorado and I'm pretty sure most of you haven't heard of it.  But if you want romance non-beach style you must check out the Pagosa Hot Springs.  This spa has 18 soaking pools of "Naturally Hot Therapeutic Mineral Water".  This place looks straight out of a movie and will surely be a memorial holiday with your love.  Bring your mittens!
Where to stay:
Pagosa Hot Springs Resort

For all brothers!


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