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Interview with a fellow Blogger on Travel...

Once in awhile in life you get the pleasure of getting to know people who are both intelligent and equally cool.  Enter Yvette.  Her and her husband have been friends of mine since 2001 when we meet them on a travel adventure into the tropics. I wanted to interview Yvette on her current thoughts of travel.  Feel free to visit her on her blog at:

1. Tell me, what are some of the places you've been so far?
As you know, my husband and I are big on traveling, so this list might be long,
San Juan, PR
Los Angeles, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Key West, FL
Grand Cayman
Cancun, MX
Cozumel, MX
Havana, Cuba
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Puerto Plata, DR
Charlottesville, VA
Richmond, VA
Savannah, GA
Charleston, SC
St. Augustine, FL
Temecula, CA
Solvang, CA
New Orleans, LA
Miami, FL
Boone, NC
Big Bear, CA

2. Of the places you've been, what places would you most likely return to?
We return to Charleston and Savannah every year, but I hope to return to each of the places I've visited again, as well as adding new locations into the mix.

3. What new places do you plan on going next?
Chicago, IL is our next planned trip. Were are seeing our cousin David Lago play the roll of Elvis in The Million Dollar Quartet

4. Mountains or beach?
Beach...I'm a FL girl at heart, and although mountains are breath-taking, the ocean holds my heart.

5. If you could break away for a 4 day romantic childless weekend, where might you go?
Most likely, Charlottesville, VA. We are total winos and we love visiting all of the wineries on the Monticello Wine Trail.

6. What places would be the most fun for you to travel to as a family?
Disney is always a safe bet, especially if you live in FL. Disney World has so many resorts with pools and water slides. Some of the higher end resorts have monorails and boats that take you right into the The Magic Kingdom. Besides being winos, we're also foodies, and Disney has some of the best restaurants in FL. Artist Point at the Wilderness Lodge has an AMAZING buffalo filet! We've been known to book a long weekend at Disney and not even visit any of the parks!

7. Any products/gadgets you can't live without as you travel?
I have to admit that I've never really researched any cool travel gadgets. We're pretty old-school. Our suitcases, a travel bag with toiletry essentials and a laundry bag for the dirty clothes and we're good to go.

8. As a Cuban-American, any particular thoughts on traveling to Cuba?
I visited Cuba in 1998 to visit my family. Shortly after, they changed the rules for Americans traveling to Cuba. Just recently some of the travel restrictions were lifted and it is again possible for me to visit my family, I just don't feel comfortable traveling there with my kids at this time. I don't have anything particularly against it, however I do know Cuban-Americans who fly to Cuba, pump the gov't with money by enjoying "tourist-only" activities. I'm not crazy about that. If I go it is to be with my family, not The Copa Cabana.

9. Trip insurance: Have you ever bought it? If so, were you glad you did?
I have, occasionally, but thankfully I've never had to use it. I guess it depends on where I was going and how much I've spent on the trip.

10. Alaskan cruise or a Mayan vacation tour?
That's a tough one. Probably a Mayan vacation tour because Mexico and Latin American studies played a big theme in my college career. I'd still love to go on an Alaskan Cruise, though.

11. Lastly, are there any vacation souvenirs that you treasure today?
I'm not so much of a knick-knacky person, so the items I buy have to represent the place I am visiting, but also go well with my decor. I have a small statue of a faceless woman that I got in the DR that I like a lot. Most of my souvenirs pretty much consist of refrigerator magnets!

Thanks Yvette for your time and I loved your answers!

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