Thursday, February 4, 2010

Review of the X170 Action Camera

Here's a camera that's true intention is for X-Game wanna be's and backyard daredevils.  Can it be used for vacation purposes?   You bet.  It's quite an amazing little device.  It's a DVD quality digital camcorder that runs on two standard AA batteries.

Vacation uses?  Record your para-sailing adventure, jet skiing, pool parties, strap it on your cap during that bus tour of the Honduras countryside, hiking in the backwoods, white water rafting and more.   OR just use it to record any event, ballgames, family events, entertainment shows or that trip in a limo on the Vegas strip.

 *  The X170 delivers DVD quality video and 5meg photographs 
*  These functions can be controlled by a wireless RF remote control 
*  A 1.5″ screen lets you line up the perfect shot & view your video 
*  Memory expansion up to 8Gb on SD card 
*  With a 170 degrees lens you get all the action in your shot 

This camera may seem a bit backwards as it runs on the older style AA batteries, rather than the rechargeable lith-ion batteries that most cameras use these days. But considering all extreme sports are outdoors would you like batteries that can be quickly replaced or to have to find a wall socket to recharge your battery? We prefer to simply carry a spare set of batteries if we are heading out for a long time.

The rear of the camera houses the back hatch which, when opened exposes the USB slot for downloading videos to your computer. The AV output allows you to play your videos straight onto your TV. The SD card slot accepts SD and HCSD cards up to a maximum of 8Gb.

*Example X170 Footage*

So I say buy one of these and use it while ON vacation and at home, priced around $210 it's a fantastic camera that won't break the bank.  And if enough of you buy form the link below, I'll buy one too!  :-D

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  1. And don't even start in with what you could do with this at a liberal place such as Hedo. :-D


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