Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hate that 10% battery left feeling?

I live on my I-Phone. Music, phone, text, news, games, video, can do it all. Unless you have a dead battery.

Enter in the Fueltank Uno from Callpod.

It's simple, plug this bad boy into a wall socket or USB port on a computer & let it charge. Now, toss that device in your purse or carry on bag and now you don't have to worry about running out of battery power on that long flight.

The Fueltank Uno has the capaiblity to fully recharge your device up to 4 times. What device? What can't it recharge? As a standard you get (2) plugs included. One for an I-Phone/I-Pod and one USB mini plug in. Want more? On their web site you can choose attachments for 3,000 other gizmos that YOU can't live without. When you order from them direct you also get a voucher for (1) free attachment cable for whatever you have.

* Charge your devices multiple times on a single tank
* Indicator lights display battery capacity level
* Proprietary voltage regulator technology senses the amount of power required to charge your devices
* Small and light (3.5 oz) - perfectly fits in your purse, glove box or briefcase
* Uses voltage regulation and current control for safe and optimal charging
* Works with thousands of mobile devices such as iPods, cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, PDAs, digital cameras, navigation units, mp3 players, digital readers and portable gaming systems

Out of the box you get a AC/DC wall plug, iPhone/iPod Direct Connect adapter, Mini-USB adapter, Carrying pouch and Voucher for 1 free adapter redeemable at

ALL THIS AND MORE FOR JUST $49.95! I had to channel my inner Billy Mays, God rest his soul.  Put your mouse over this ---> Callpod Fueltank Portable Charger and get yours today. Never travel without juice again!

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