Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Travel to North Korea?

Call it ignorance but I always figured North Korea was one of those off limit places to travel. But in reading all of the stories about now dead Kim Jong II, I see that people did indeed travel there.

A travel agency that specialized in travel to the mysterious country hosted trips that would set you back about $2,000 and up but gave you a peak behind the curtain.

(Beach near Lake Sijung, North Korea)

Visitors were surprised to find few cars, low pollution and not many people running around - and all of this being in the cities! Why? Well, most citizens of North Korea work 6 long days per week, can't afford cars and the economy is always slow.

Now with the "Dear not-so-eternal" leader gone changes are surly in store. Will North Korea turn into a new travel destination? They do boast a long coastline and inland mountains.

Time will tell.


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