Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cayos Cochinos

Located about 19 miles NE from tourists hot spot La Ceiba, Honduras lies Cayos Cochinos, a group of very small islands in the Caribbean.  Between the two biggest islands and the little tiny land-spits there are just over 100 residents.

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The Cayos Cochinos archipelago is a unique retreat for travelers looking to escape urban landscapes and crowded tourism centers.  The islands have no roads, thus no cars or bikes.  There is a hiking trail that connects residences and beaches on Cayo Grande.  There is a lighthouse on the highest point of the island which can be hiked to and offers a panoramic view of all Cayos Cochinos.  

The only inhabitants of the islands are Garifuna fishing villages (Chachauate and East End), 9 private homes on Cayo Grande, and 6 homes on the 13 smaller keys.  The islands are accessible by boat from La Ceiba or by sailboat charter departing from Utila or Roatan.

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