Sunday, October 16, 2011

Topanga Ranch Motel in Malibu

I was cruising up the PCH in Malibu this weekend when I saw these old ass looking bungalows on the east part of the PCH, Google Map.  The name on the sign read, Topanga Ranch Motel.  But what the heck were they?  Time for some California research!

Come to find out they were built in the early 1920’s to house the workers who built the Pacific Coast Highway, and today, these 30 red & white bungalows still stand.  This site received Historical status some time ago and since 2001 is a part of the Topanga State Park, with a supposed $2 million set aside recently for restoration.

The only inhabitant these days is the Park Ranger.  You will not be able to stay there anytime soon. One can stop however and have a look, and while you are there enjoy a meal or a drink at the Reel Inn a very casual seafood restaurant that shares the same parking lot.  It seems the last paying guests were around 2007 then they shut this historic hotel down.

What will end up happening to the hotel?  Only time will tell.  Read more about Topanga Ranch Motel here:


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