Saturday, October 15, 2011

Take a cruise to Jamaica - in 1912

So I've been on a bit of a history kick lately in terms of travel, but it's so cool, so how can I not like it?   Do you all like this stuff?   Plus it's great when I run low on current travel topics to blog about.  I just hop in my virtual time machine called Google News Archives and travel back in time.  There's a ton of travel news that's interesting from years past.

So when I started cruising the archives for something to blog about I found this advertisement in the Boston Evening Transcript from May 28th, 1912.  It's an ad featuring a few cruise choices from the New York area into the warm waters of the Caribbean.  

(cool Caribbean clothes there family)

For the amazing low low price of just $140 you could have sailed from New York to the Caribbean and back on this 24 night steam ship cruise.   How much is $140 in 2011 money?  I found a site that has retro pricing, according to it, $3,243.  How much is a comparable 24 night cruise these days?   Around $7,613 for a 18 night Silver Sea cruise.  So it looks like deal of yesteryear was pretty good!  Pretty groovy huh?

BONUS LINK:   Hotel Myrtlebank Photos.

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