Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Haunted Caribbean - story 1

Well, it's October now and what better month is there for telling spoooooky ghost stories?  But this is a travel blog that has a focus on the beautiful Caribbean, are there ghost stories to be found?  Yes!  Back in June of 2011 I blogged about Rose Hall's Great House where we found out about a haunted house that's on the northern part of Jamaica.   But there are more stories to be told!   
In this 3 part series we'll start off with the Eden Browne Estate story that takes place on the sunny island of Nevis that's located in the Eastern Caribbean...
 The legend of Eden Browne Estate
(the tiny island of Nevis)
Nobody has lived at the Eden Browne Estate on Nevis for more than 150 years, and for good reason:  the property is said to be haunted by the ghosts of a groom and his best man who killed each other during a wedding in 1822.  In fact, the dispute that led to a fatal duel -- and a life of heartbreak for the would-be bride -- took place on the same day that the property was to be christened as the Garden of Eden at Browne's Estate.  The arranged marriage of Caroline James Beard and John Higgins was intended to bring together two prosperous families, but its bloody conclusion resulted in a curse that persists until this very day.
(what's left of the Eden Browne Estate)
The estate was considered cursed and never live in, though it was farmed.  The Nevisians claim that if you go sit at Eden Browne under the dark of the moon, around midnight you will hear the two men arguing and the bride comes wafting through, crying for her lost love.
And that is the legend of Eden Browne!

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