Friday, September 9, 2011

Recent improvements at Hedonism II

There's been a lot of improvements going on at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica lately.  Some speculate it's due to the upcoming 30th anniversary approaching and for sure that Superclubs CEO, John Issa, will be attending.  Also, a lot of travel agents will be in attendance.  Either way, it's nice to see the resort being attended to.

(the bridge being recently attended to)

A few of the improvements...
  • A new tile floor in Delroy's Nude Pool Bar
  • Two new and very effective ceiling fans in Delroy's Nude Pool Bar
  • Plans to redo the bar top and outside tiles on the beach side of the bar (scheduled for September)
  • One new "test" fan installed in the main dining which guests practically fought over to sit under.
  • Hedo grounds staff were tearing up the cement tiles in the courtyard between the casino, gift shop and piano bar one section at a time to level that area and they replaced the grass between the tiles.  Soon to be completed.
  • Repainting of the second floor nude side rooms near the nude volleyball court (same colors, fresh paint)
  • Four new jacuzzis in the nude jacuzzi rooms closest to Delroy's, but the other jacuzzis were not replaced
  • Better A/C in the disco
  • New exhaust fan installed over the grill at the buffet
  • Flambe station at dinner, located next to where the rolls and bread baskets are
  • Entire nude pool deck scheduled to be resurfaced
  • New and actually fluffy sand on the nude beach
  • Some brand new lounge chairs were being taken out of plastic wrap and placed in the misting pool between the nude pool and hot tub

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