Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Local Hollywood residents irked at tourists

There are 2 ways to see the famed Hollywood sign:  #1.  Hike right up the hill from the nearest street at the bottom of the hill, a residential neighborhood, and get to hiking.   #2.  Hike up from behind over near Griffith Park, but that's a long ass hike.

99% of tourists take that fist option and it's really starting to tick off the residents in the neighborhoods just below the sign.  Google Maps/Earth have made it much easier to navigate your way up to the top.  Check out the below map...

(aim your car's GPS at the 3300 block of Deronda Drive - Zip: 90068)

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But imagine you paid millions for a house and now the street out in front of it has turned into a parking lot for rental cars!   So latley local residents have been trying to get the city to help out, but it's public streets and that's the issue.
If you still want to do it then go north off Beachwood from Franklin to get this iconic landmark.  There's a trail that leads to the back of the sign, which gets you really close.   Just remember that there are cameras, motion detectors and helicopters which protect the sign.  And now angry residents!   Enter at your own risk!

Bonus linkBest places to see the sign. <---without getting in trouble!

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