Sunday, July 31, 2011

Views from Jamaica's higest peak - Blue Mountain Peak

The highest point in Jamaica is Blue Mountain Peak.   From the top of 7,402 feet you can see views of Cuba.  Most Jamaican's take a 7 mile hike that takes you from 4,400 to the peak in around 3-4 hours.   Once you arrive you'll find a variety of rare plant life that often times is small in size due to the cooler climate.  Once at the peak you'll find an old building from the 30's and a small monument with a large metal tripod.


Here's a trip report from someone over at  "Although at first the thought of driving up into the Blue Mountains, only then to hike several hours in the middle of the night to reach the peak seemed daunting, let me tell you it was an absolutely amazing experience! Our chatty driver made the drive go by fast, and our tour guide set the perfect pace so as not to wear us all out during the hike. The incline is moderate and the reward is one of a kind....

...The first thing you notice when arriving to the peak is how all of the plant life is dwarfed due to the mountaintop conditions. It felt like something out of a Tolkien novel. The 2 best things about making the climb at midnight are the lack of the typical sweltering Jamaican sun, and getting to watch the sun rise from the highest point on the island. I heard you can even see Cuba from up there, but there were clouds to the north the day I climbed.  Make sure to stop in Hagley Gap or Ness Castle to get a local guide for your hike."

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