Thursday, July 14, 2011

A United frequent-flier hits 10 million miles

You think YOU travel a lot.  Out of Chicago comes a automotive sales consultant who's flown over 10,000,000 miles with United Airlines.  This is an actual confirmed amount.  He's been with United Airlines for the last 29 years flying an average of 340,000 miles a year.  

The frequent flyer, Tom Stuker, hit the 10 mil milestone July 9th somewhere above the cornfields of Iowa on United Flight 942 from Los Angeles to Chicago.  Upon landing in Chicago Stuker got a special celebration with United Continental CEO Jeff Smisek, and other airline bigwigs, on hand to congratulate him. 

 * photo credit to AP

What does get in return for his loyalty to United?   For starters, he's earned 50 million "redeemable" miles - a total that's been padded with elite bonuses.   United also states that whenever Stuker calls United reservations, "all he has to say is 'Hi.' The agent on the other end of the line will immediately recognize who is calling and take special care" of him.

He's also been awarded with a commemorative book listing every United flight he's flown since he joined the frequent-flier program.   Good job Tom!

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