Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Places to get "romantic" at Hedonism II

For anyone that's ever been to Hedonism II, like me, you'll understand that it's a very easy place to feel romantic with your loved one.  Or you might feel extra naughty and/or you may feel like trying something you've never done before back home.

Here's a list of places to get it on while at Hedo 2 compliments of posters over at DennyP...

For the slightly shy
  • Your room
  • Any of the hidden hot tubs
  • In the grotto when alone

For those not too shy
  • Any hammock
  • On a float in the water
  • In the rain on the beach 

Bonus cool places

  • The hidden waterfall (not the grotto)
  • On any stairs at night in "slutwear"
  • On a Hobie Cat, w/calm seas
  • The TV Room that's near the gym
  • Sauna and the steam room near the spa
  • The picnic table in the aviary area (just follow the path there)
    Does anyone else have any better ideas?

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    1. Romantic and lots of sex weekend at Hedonism II, is like you died and gone to heaven.


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