Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Follow the "Pretty Woman" hotel on Twitter

The Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills, CA, MAP, was the hotel featured in 1990's "Pretty Woman" staring a young Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.   It's pretty well known and also very nice, I've been there.  Now the hotel and it's owner, Four Seasons, has hired a full time "social media director" to blog, twit and Facebook way about the luxury hotel.

(The hotel in 1959, it was built in 1928)

Even today they've gotten over 3,600 followers on their Twitter page,, with updates that include historic photos of the hotel and deals at their restaurant.  I think it's a great idea, if you're a fan of the hotel then you can see what's going on from an insiders perspective.  They hired the former concierge of the hotel so this woman really knows what she's talking about.

(The hotel in 2008)

I'm not sure this would work for your local Motel 8, but for this hotel I think it's an added benefit!

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