Friday, July 15, 2011

JetBlue's 'Carmageddon flights' SOLD OUT!

With "Carmageddon" hitting Los Angeles this weekend JetBlue decided to help out.  For $4 each way, including taxes and fees, JetBlue promised to help L.A. residents fly over the expected congestion while getting from one side of the metro area to the other.  The roughly 40-mile flights are scheduled for 45 minutes -- with most of that "flight time" presumably coming while taxiing on the ground.

But according the Los Angeles Times, the tickets sold out within hours.  For the rest of us, we either better stay at home or plan on sitting in your car for hours on end.  JetBlue's spokeswoman, Allison Steinberg, told The Press-Telegram, "It's our shortest flight ever."  

Check out the actual deal on JetBlue's website at:

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