Sunday, July 24, 2011

A free Ziggy Marley MP3 song, "Forward to Love"

Fans of Ziggy Marley might want to know about a free MP3 song on Amazon.  It's Ziggy's new hit "Forward to Love" off his new album, Wild and Free.   If you need help with Amazon's MP3 service you can go back to our post that was put out in February of 2011, Using Amazon to buy and upload MP3's onto your I-Phone.

Forward to Love 

Marley recorded "Wild and Free" in Los Angeles with producer Don Was and a group of musicians that includes Rolling Stones bassist Darryl Johnson; "He played with Miles Davis, and I wanted to hear Miles stories," Marley says with a laugh.   Key to the album, however, were the extensive demos that Marley made in his home studio, which he says made it easier to achieve the sound he was looking for on "Wild and Free's" 12 tracks.

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