Monday, June 20, 2011

More and more airports offer free WiFi

If you travel a lot, or even just a little, one thing you'll notice at airports are people looking for WiFi and power for their devices.  A lot of airports are starting to offer both, for free.  San Francisco, Orlando, Seattle, Sacramento, San Jose, Washington, Tampa, Denver and Boston...they're all free among hundreds of others.

(a Tampa International Airport free computer station)

Non-free WiFi airports?  Los Angeles, Atlanta, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Newark, and infamous airports JFK and LaGuardia Airport are all paid WiFi at this point.   Other airports like Houston and Oklahoma City offer 45 and 20 mins respectively free WiFi.

I can only imagine within a few years most airport will offer free WiFi.  Now if they would all add more power outlets this traveler will be really happy.  I remember walking around Phoenix for 30 mins looking for power and the only working strip I could find had a family all plugged in and playing Angry Birds on an I-Pad.

One solution to WiFi on the road...A sweet WiFi travel gadget.

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