Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Hedo II imiataor? Spice Resort in Lanzarote

So this Spice Resort off the coast of Morocco seems to be still open and trying to gain it's share of the "Hedo II" type of market.   What Spice does have is 67 rooms around a pool where there are NO sex police and nudity runs rampant.   They have a big hot tub where they advertise on their website "The outdoor Jacuzzi is purpose built for 50 people, but of course it will take more – it just depends on how close everyone gets!"  I'd call that a strong hint!

They seem to have one restaurant, Allspice Restaurant, that acts as all things for all meals.  The pool has a bar where you can order drinks and snacks giving you a few options for getting in your grub.  At night they seem to have a disco complete with a DJ where the dancing and partying of the resort happens.  Then for more liberal couples they can head to the "Playroom" that's more-or-less a sexy play room for showing off, watching and swinging.

(The playroom at Spice)

I haven't heard much other than this, is it a decent place to go?  Any reviewers?   Help!

One couple that recently came back had this to say...

"On one side - we enjoyed ourselves very much but on the other side we were disappointed.
The hotel is a swingers hotel and it says on their website that it's a luxury hotel.  I can only say it is NOT a luxury hotel. The rooms are very old and are similar to a room of an old motel.  The bed is comfortable and good.  I don't complaint.  Also the food is not luxury at all.  Very very far from luxury.

The problem of course is that you pay a very high price and you expect a hotel that is the level of the price - and this is very far away.  The staff is nice and the people we met were nice.  Of course when you go to a swingers hotel you think more about the people and the fun and less about the room or the food.

So - if you want a luxury vacation - this is not a good choice. Room is bad, food is bad. Drinks are OK but not more.  If you want swinging - then this is a good place but it's extremely expensive to what you get."

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  1. We have been to resorts of all kinds, but as far as swinger/lifestyle resorts go, we have never found one that could be classified as a "luxury hotel". Compared to Hedo, the staff, food, service, and cleanliness are all far, far better at Spice. Hedo is a fun, wild place no doubt, but it does not score well in any of the above areas. Similarly, Spice out-classes Desire and Caliente Caribe in these areas too. As far as cleanliness of common areas and rooms, it is on par with Sea Mountain resort and the condos at Caliente Tampa but neither of those places are all inclusive and you pay alot extra for food. As far as the cost of Spice, since it is new and they are building a customer base, they have deals that reach price points similar to Hedo, but this won't be the case in a couple years once more people know about the place and their occupancy rates are higher....but you should expect to pay more for a resort that has all the sexiness and freedom of Hedo but far exceeds it in all the areas mentioned above.


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