Wednesday, May 4, 2011

7 nice etiquette rules for a nude beach...

Step 1: Don't call them nudists - Don’t call them nudists. The politically correct term is “naturist.”

 Step 2: Don't stare at people's private parts - Don’t stare at people’s private parts. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If it would be unseemly to gape at that body part when it’s fully clothed, it’s downright rude to gawk at it undressed.

Step 3: Ask permission before taking photographs - Always ask permission before snapping a photo or video — they’re naturists, not zoo animals. And no one wants to worry that their jelly rolls are going to be on YouTube.

 Step 4: Be wary of using binoculars - The same goes for binoculars, which are only appropriate if you’re discovering new lands, looking at birds, or enjoying an opera.

  Step 5: Restrict nudity to the beach - Restrict nudity to the beach. When you’re in the parking lot, for example, have some clothes on.

 Step 6: Cover chairs with a towel - Carry a towel wherever you go so you can put it down on beach loungers, bar stools, restaurant chairs, and so on.

 Step 7: Make everyone feel comfortable - Make everyone feel comfortable, even those who are only willing to go so far as being “top-free," as the naturists like to call it. Naturists, after all, are all about acceptance.


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