Sunday, April 10, 2011

The story of my first cruise ship: Regal Empress

My first cruise was back in 1995 in Florida.  They had a sweetheart of a deal on a ship called Regal Empress with a company called Regal Cruises, now out of business.  The Regal Empress was, at the time, one of the oldest cruise ships still in service.  So I booked a cruise at $500 per person for 7 nights and off we went from Port Manatee (Tampa Bay Area) to Honduras, Grand Caymen, Key West and Belize.

It was a great cruise with no issues at all, other than it could have lasted another week! 

(the 10 decker, 21 knot cruising 1,475 passenger carrying Regal Empress in '04)
The Regal Empress was built in 1953 in Scotland and sailed under various flags and in different areas of the world before we found it in Florida.  She was known for her great Scottish woodwork, lustrous paneling, etched glass mirrors, marquetry and original paintings. 

The big ship ended her life in Alang Beach in India where 1/2 of the big ocean liners of the world go to get stripped down then sold for scrap.  It's a sad ending to a nice ship that sailed hundred of thousands of happy people for nearly 60 years.  She was reduced to nothing by March of 2010.

Her last voyage to Alang was March 9th, 2009

(check out all the beached ships at Alang)

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Thanks for the memories Regal Empress!

BONUS LINK:  Buy salvaged pieces off Regal Empress:   Regal Empress Items.

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