Monday, April 11, 2011

KFC in Jamaica continues to grow

If you're in Jamaica and you got a hankering for some "American Food" chances are you can find a KFC somewhere near your hotel and/or resort.  Jamaica now has 34 locations across the island with 14 of them offering drive thru service.   The very first KFC in Jamaica landed in Kingston June of 1975.  In fact, that very KFC is still open at the same location, Google Map.

(11 out of the 14 Jamaican Parishes now have a KFC)

Back in 2003 we left the comfort of Hedonism II in Negril for a private mountain tour of the "real Jamaica" where we decided to go to a KFC somewhere up in the hills in a small city.  So much for being authentic.  Anyway, we placed our order and found it to be pretty much like the chicken we'd find at a KFC here in the states, greasy but tasty.

(get a meal w/drink for $325JA - about  $3.81US)

The food is the same, and yes, they use real chicken, not goat.  Some people say that the chicken in Jamaica at the KFC's has more flavor than our stateside version, but I can't pinpoint why.  Plus they have the soft-drink Ting which makes an excellent compliment to the food.

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