Thursday, April 21, 2011

A sick cruise passenger gets dumped into the Artic

Just a few weeks back a 73 year old woman became sick on a cruise ship in the Arctic off the coast of chilly Norway.  What to do?  Transport her to another boat and get her to dry land and a hospital.  But in the process they accidentally dumped the poor old lady and her stretcher in the frigged waters where she bobbed up and down for nearly 7 minutes before they got her back on the boat and off to help.

(Ocean Countess on a better day)

But all is well now, she got transported to Norway then back home to the UK where she's still recovering.   She was on the 800-passenger Ocean Countess which is a ship that's a part of Majestic International Cruises.  The incident is being investigated by the ship's owners and Norwegian rescue authorities.

Unfortunate Update:  The woman in this story has passed away.  4-25-2011

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