Friday, April 22, 2011

Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica - the bleeding tree of Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.  And there's a legend in Jamaica that a certain type of nut tree "bleeds" when cut open today, on Good Friday.  Supposedly it doesn't bleed any other day of the year, just today.  The tree itself is on the prude beach at Hedo II and a few years back an entertainment coordinator took a few guests down and sliced the tree.   This is what one guest said, "I've seen the bleeding tree bleed on Good Friday with my own eyes."

It's a repeated story in rural Jamaica.  It was said that on Good Friday, if you chopped the tree the sap that oozes out would be a red substance that signifies the blood of Jesus.  Also, it is said that Jesus was crucified on a similar type of tree.  Is the myth true?

UPDATE:  The tree at Hedonism II might now be gone.  :-(

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