Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another DR Nights trip report

Here's trip report from Marcos who lives here in California.  That's about all the info I can give him, but he was happy to share with us his experiences on a quick little run to DR Nights he made in March.  Thanks Marcos for your trip report!


I booked my trip to the resort in January after finding it on your site.   I didn't know if the resort was really that nice but I went to their website and check them out more.  It's a very nice place, let me tell you.  It's bigger than I thought and a lot of fun.

The flight took a long time because I flew from San Diego but once there, 10 hours later, I could feel the tropical heat and I was ready to go.  I planned it out so I arrived at 10am their time, the "red eye" flights are good for that.  Just make sure you sleep a lot before going so you're charged up once there. 

I bought the intro package that came out to be just under $1,000 that bought me 2 nights there plus 2 girls while there.  I know I spend more than that here on the weekends at the clubs and don't always find a connection so I was happy to pay.  I did have to pay extra from the flight, so all in all I spent about $1,800.

After I got a brief welcome at the resort I got a quick tour and unpacked my bags.   After getting organized I went to meet some of the ladies and found 5 of them waiting to greet me.  That was cool.  I got to talking to a few of them and ended up picking out Michelle to hang out with that day.   Michelle and I went to go grab some lunch where we could get to know each other.   She was flirtatious at lunch and kept telling me how handsome I was, that made me feel great.  I also speak Spanish so we had a nice connection going right away.   After about 10 mins of autentica Dominican comida, I felt Michelle's foot sneak up between my legs, I could soon tell it was time to head out!!!

We went back to my room where Michelle suggested I needed a nice massage before heading out to the pool.  By this time it was around 1pm.  Michelle stood there in a bikini and sarong and then told me to "take off my clothes" in front of her.  Who was I to say no?  So I stripped down in front of her as she just looked me up and down.  It was hard not to get hard and she noticed and giggled while slapping my ass and told me to lie down.

She then started to rub my back and arms, it felt very relaxing but at this point I was also very excited.  For about 10 mins she rubbed me down then started to rub her booty on top  of mine and told me to flip over.   Once I did she sat down just below know...and started to rub my chest.  I was hard and she started grinding on me then took my hands and ran them up to her bikini covered chest.  I felt her up then took off her top, things were progressing nicely! 

She then lowed her bare chest onto mine as she stated to kiss me.  Slowley she started kissing her way down my chest to my manhood where she then proceeded to give me oral sex that was amazing.  I somehow managed to last almost 10 mins before cumming really hard.

We took a quick shower to clean up then headed out to the pool fed, sexed and cleaned up.  We hung out by the pool for the better part of the afternoon drinking and snacking.  Around 5pm she headed out so she could get ready for the night.  I went back to my room and caught a quick nap before heading out for the dinner party that night. 

Dinners at the resort are great.  I met up with some of the people I had met by the pool that day and we all chowed down while they had music playing.  Dinner was followed up by dancing at the disco where I saw Michelle again.  We danced more then snuck down to the pool around 10pm for some skinny dipping where I got her to let me take one photo of her, she's so sexy.

We made out in the pool for about 20 mins before heading back to my room for another round of good times.  She stayed with me till about 2pm then I was tired and wanted to crash to get ready for my next day at DR Nights to see what new adventures, and what woman #2 I'd pick to be with.   So for the price, I had an amazing time with two ladies for the 2 nights.  The staff was great, the food was excellent and the best part, the ladies, are fun to be with and "get" what you're there for.


Thanks Marcos for your trip report and photo.  For the rest of you, click on the banner below to get in on the fun for yourself. 

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