Tuesday, March 1, 2011

USS Kittiwake becomes a dive attraction in Grand Cayman

Part of the allure for the Caribbean, for me at least, are the warm waters of the Caribbean sea.   In most places it's so clear and blue it makes it feel like you're swimming in a fish tank.  They're a lot of great places to dive, most natural, some man-made.

(The USS Kittiwake slipped into the sea in just 60 seconds)

Enter the USS Kittiwake, a 251-foot, 2,200-ton Navy submarine rescue ship built in 1945.   It served our country proud for decades and even found the black box off the unfortunate Challenger space shuttle disaster.  Kittiwake has now become the first US Navy ship donated to another country.   How was it donated?  Last month it was sunk 800 yards off off the north end of Grand Cayman's fabled Seven Mile Beach.

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Now the former Navy ship is sitting under 60 feet of those famed warm blue Caribbean waters as a dive site.  Parts of the ship come within 5 feet of the surface so even the snorkelers can get in on the action.  If you want to check out the site both divers and snorkelers can book a tour with prices that run about $60 per person for a snorkel excursion or $100 for a one-tank dive, which includes the marine park fee.

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