Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DR Nights - a companion pictorial review!

This DR Nights in the Dominican Republic is one wild place.  It's like Hedonism II in Jamaica, but the all inclusive portion of it, includes WOMEN!   That's the crazy concept behind the Caribbean's #1 Erotic Escort Vacation detestation.   Why go to another resort if you're single when you got places like this out here?  This is like going to Mardi Gras - pre-beaded!   You're gonna score.

Plus the resort is really nice.  You get all you can eat food.  A ton of top shelf liqueur.  And a beautiful resort in the Caribbean where you party poolside with drinks in hand, a cigar in the tray and hot women galore!

Should you get bored you can also have the resort set you up on one of several golf courses, or you can go deep sea fishing in the Caribbean!    The resort itself has nightly shows and entertainment, they even have a nightclub on premises so perhaps you'll find yourself never even leaving the resort during your stay, some of these ladies would make most guys stick around.

So check out DR Nights for specials starting at just $997. 


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