Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Police bust guys in a Hotel Prostitution sting

Police in Joliet, IL, Google Map, a 'burb' of Chicago, got calls from local hotel managers complaining of suspected prostitution in their hotel rooms.  So what did the police do?  They ran ads in and other social networking sites claiming, "Busty blue eye Nikki" was in town and ready for sexy service.

 (ads like these resulted in another 60 calls the cops couldn't catch)
(click to enlarge)

Within minutes of the ads going live undercover female police officers started getting calls where they started negotiating sexual acts and prices with there would be "customers."  The sting resulted in 34 official arrest at 5 different area hotels.   22 of the arrests (12 on felony charges and 10 on misdemeanor prostitution charges) were from prostitution or pimping while the other 12 were from various other charges inducing juvenile pimping and possession of a gram of heroin.  Reports also indicate police seized $2,000 and 11 cell phones from the alleged solicitors.  Ten vehicles were also impounded. 

The first mistake these callers made were to actually negotiate the acts and prices over the phone.  Never talk about actual sex acts, and a true escort never will either.  In fact they will most likely start to play dumb if you do.  Sex itself is not illegal, only the act of money in exchange for the sex.

(a sample ad from backpage)

If you ever make the phone call then meet the lady they also say the 'legit' escorts will ask you to show them your manhood in order to prove to them you're not a cop.  Also, they might ask you to touch their breasts as another test.  You could also ask them to show you their breasts so you can take one picture of them before any talks of acts or prices come up, this would 99% validate them as not an officer. 

Either way, I don't condone prostitution but at the same time, I don't like the stings nabbing people who are willingly exchanging services, so long as they do it safely. 

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