Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentines Day gift ideas....for him and her!

Valentines Day is coming up quick and it's times to impress your loved one.  I don't think you need a holiday to express your love but we have one anyway, so you better do it!   But what do you get your lady?  What do us guys want?

For the ladies
Chocolates, jewelry, flowers...these are all standard, and safe gifts.  But how about getting something unique in these categories?   Here's a few ideas...

Surprise your girlfriend/wife/booty call with a dramatic display of a very popular chocolate strawberry gift kit. These "almost too beautiful to eat" Fancy Berries include swizzles, almonds, mini-chocolate chips, double-dipped strawberries, and fresh shredded coconut.  Yummy.

6 Hand-Dipped Fancy Berries

Project an air of mystery and allure with this captivating glass heart pendant. The garnet-hued glass heart is held in an ornate sterling silver setting, with vine-like filigree design of the silver backing visible through the glass. 

Sterling Silver Marcasite and Garnet Colored Glass Heart Pendant, 18" 

12 South American Roses, flowers are handpicked from our fields.  This special will be shipped as a bouquet, fresh from the farms, ready for you to arrange in your vase.  Buy 12 and you get another 12 FREE!

 For the guys
We're easy...

Shirley of Hollywood Women's Multi-Ribbon Chemise,Blk,X-Large


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