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A DR Nights Trip Report...

DR Nights Erotic Resort

 The Trip - October 2010

DR Nights was professional in all of our dealings, as you would expect from the apparent second largest agency in the country. I contacted Marco months early because I wanted a girl to join me at the resort who spoke English. He said there shouldn't be a problem, just look at the girls in their "Local Services" list and fill in the reservation form. I looked and made notes of the English speakers but didn't make a reservation right then because I expected there might be some turn over during the intervening months.

When I finally made my reservation I sent them the names of four girls who were bi-lingual but then I didn't hear back. I finally called and my reservation was still open because I hadn't entered my flight information. I explained that I was coming in two weeks before I needed the girl and leaving a week after we parted. They apologized for the mistake and my reservation was immediately processed. They ran my credit/debit card and my bank suspended my account for the second time, afraid someone had stolen my card. I straightened out my bank but it was suggested to me by experienced travelers that I should have notified my bank that I was planning to travel out of the country so they wouldn't be so paranoid.

So off to the Dominican Republic and DR Nights I went.  The flight was smooth and I arrived on the island in 4 hours time.  I was met at the airport by the resort with Maria in the car, the girl I had picked to "hang" out with.  In about 30 mins I was approaching the resort and ready to start the fun.
Maria was the girl in the picture that I choose off the site but she's had her breasts enlarged since the picture was taken. She was great, snuggling and kissing in the taxi all the way to the resort.

Maria was great, very affectionate, outgoing and considerate (she made sure I was satisfied at least twice a day). She didn't get naked in public at the resort but she was naked in the room and she wore a sheer beach dress that showed off her hot body.  We almost had sex on the beach but she was too shy.  But back in the room she wasn't shy in the least and she told me later how much she'd enjoyed the foreplay on the beach.

Her English was far from perfect but she was easy to understand and she made sure that people understood my poor Spanish and that I got what I had ordered at the bar and grills.  I felt as if she really was having fun with me as I was there.  That was important, I didn't want to be with a woman who really didn't enjoy my company, that was far from the case with Maria.  I ended up having her as my companion the two nights I stayed there, why switch to another women when I was being well taken care of?

The resort itself is very nice and my villa that I choose was very accommodating.  The food and drinks were flowing hard and as fast as I could indulge.  I was afraid at first that the resort might not be that nice but it was.  They have great pools you can relax at during the day and at night they have a club that was fun to hang out with.  I met a few other guys that were there also on vacation and one guy I keep in touch with now back here in the states.

The forms on the website require specific information that might not match your situation and their computer won't process a reservation until all the boxes are filled. Also they require a credit card to process a deposit (Unless you have worked with them before) even in you're in country and minutes away. (And they want to photocopy your credit card and passport so their credit company has no questions about your order being real.)

In Conclusion
Maria and DR Nights lived up to their hype and I couldn't be happier.

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