Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Former Governor Jesse Ventura set to sue TSA

Jesse Ventura:  ex-actor, ex-wrestler, ex-Governor and still current loudmouth, is suing the TSA over it's pat downs.  TSA representatives will face off in court against the former Governor, the latest traveler to bring about litigation against the TSA over the new security checkpoints. 

Ventura, who had a hip replacement in 2008, is claiming he's had embarrassing pat-downs since the airports started up the new measures and he's mad.   So naturally, Ventura filled a lawsuit filed in Minnesota claiming violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Fourth Amendment rights.  He's claiming the 8 minute pat downs embarrassed him and caused him to travel less often hampering his ability to work by infringing upon his right to travel freely.

Is this just another B.S. lawsuit or does Ventura have a case with the right to sue in court?

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