Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are you ready for a Las Vegas-themed airline?

Here's a great idea, IMHO, coming out of Las Vegas.  A Vegas businessman wants to come up with an airline that will mimic the fun on the ground in Las Vegas.  The proposed airline will be called "LV Air" and will run flights from NYC to Vegas.  They hope to be in the air by this August.

LV Air chief, Sean Smith, says his carrier would offer VIP-oriented service on four daily round-trip flights between Las Vegas and New York JFK.  He plans to lease widebody Boeing 767 jets for his regularly scheduled commercial charter operation.

(LV Air takes to the sky, check them out at:

LV Air wants to carter to the "players" and "gamblers" of the upper East coast by starting the party in the air.  A key part to Smith's plan is to strike a deal with casino operators in which casino would buy seats on the flights and then give them away to their top customers.

(enjoy a comfy flight on LV Air)

Some of the perks of flying LV Air might include inter-seat texting; inter-seat video, wireless I-Pads, club music, mood lighting and true-to-life holographic safety briefings from Las Vegas celebrities.  Deluxe Snack Packs will be offered on-board and supplied by Las Vegas restaurants, so it'll be GOOD food.
Other high-end possibilities, such as luggage that would be checked right to passengers' hotel rooms and "smart-phone recognition software" that would let hotel and nightclub workers know when their airline patrons are within 100 feet.   Sweet.

 So stay tuned as LV Air tries to take to the air...

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