Friday, January 7, 2011

A United pilot spills coffee and triggers terror alert!

Here's a wild story.  A United Airlines pilot was zipping along at 30,000 from Chicago to Germany this week when he accidentally spilled his coffee in the cockpit.   This little mishap triggered a hijacking alert which forced the plane to make an emergency landing in Canada to verify the alert was safe and to clean up the coffee spill.

According to Toronto Sun, the spilled coffee interfered with the plane's navigation and communication systems and then triggered distress signals including code "7500", which refers to unlawful interference or hijacking.  Big problem!

After they landed in Canada and cleaned up the communications (and coffee) mess, the 255 passengers were flown BACK to Chicago where they had to wait for another flight to take them to Germany the next day.   All of this over one spilled cup of coffee.  

Perhaps we need to send the pilot a sippy cup?  :-D

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