Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Travel to an all-inclusive resort super cheap!!!

Are you a person with skill?  A fitness trainer?  Yoga instructor?   If so, you can travel to resorts at a fraction of the price that us lazy vacationers have to pay.  Companies like Fitness Pro Travel, www.fitnessprotravel.com, have connections that allow YOU the trained and certified fitness expert to go to resorts like my favorite Hedonism III in Negril for pennies on the dollar. 

(Hedonism II's gym)

We had met a couple at Hedo a few years back and the husband was a fitness trainer and his wife came along.  The catch?  Well, you DO have to work.  Each resort can have you workong up to 3 hours per day holding classes for the other guests that are often times not even attended.   Plus the resorts like you to bring a fitness gift that cost around $150 that you can then leave at the resort.  For more info on all of that, go here:  Travel FAQ's.
  • You have to go Sunday to Sunday or Saturday to Saturday
  • They get booked often, so book EARLY if you have a week in mind
  • You have to pay your own air and fees ($670 for Hedo II, Hedo)
  • And you will have to work each day up to 3 hours
But you can bring along your SO and enjoy a nice week if you're willing to work a few hours.  Just drop that drink a few hours before class.  Nobody should teach yoga half tanked.

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  1. We have booked a holiday on the Island next March with Thompson on an all inclusive 24 hour option. Your website mentions an all inclusive PLUS Hedonism III in Negril. How does this differ from the standard all inclusive option ?


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