Monday, January 10, 2011

An airport in Dallas freaks over proposed strip club

Dallas-Fort Worth International in Texas is tripping over the fact that the city of Dallas already approved plans for Rick's Cabaret to open up a club just outside it's gates to the airport.   It's currently set to open January 20th, 2011 but if the airport and various airlines have anything to do with it, they'll shut down the plans.

(Dallas-Fort Worth International)

Rick's Cabaret International, a publicly traded company based in Houston, has the proper permits to operate the club and wants to open in time for the Super Bowl, held this year in Dallas.  They're also going for a liquor license but if they don't get that, they'll simply run it as a BYOB club which then allows the dancers to go 100% nude.

(A Rick's girl in Vegas)

Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief, is trying to shut down the club but even he's not sure if he can at this point.  American Airlines, who also pissed off Orbitz and Expedia recently, Expedia fights American Airlines, is also doing what they can to shut down Rick's.  They filed a protest against the issuance of the liquor licence but what effect that'll have is to be determined.  

Rick's is confused by all of this as the city APPROVED plans to move forward months back.  What will happen, we'll just have to wait and see...


Should Rick's be this close to the airport?

It seems the club got the go-a-head on a loophole. They're going all nude which also means BYOB and 100% nude women.  The club being opened in time for the Super Bowl could net the club upwards to $1,000,000.

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